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Dahab, Egypt: I am caught up but…

the kid next to me is playing Counter Strike. Must focus…. Stop looking at the other computer…. write. write. write..

Deep breath, think about dead kitties. Okay, were back on track.

Dahab. Dahab. Dahab. Nope I ain’t cutting and pasting as Dahab should not be experienced as a lecture. One must experience it for yourself.

Dahab is….
Lying on over stuffed pillows along the water front.

One of the most beautiful and healthy reef system not more than twenty yards from above said pillows. Where you can stand at the edge of the drop off, stick your head under water and see thousands of colorful fishes and healthy coral and not even get your knees wet.

Milk shakes the size of big milkshakes. Chocolate, Coconut, Banana, Vanilla, Strawberry. Not like those crappy old fashioned milkshake shops milkshakes, but big ass syrupy ones. My favorite strawberry is pretty much the same if you took a two pound bag of sweetened chopped frozen strawberries dropped them in a big Sundae glass and then add three big scoops of Haagen Daaz strawberry ice cream on top. All for two bucks.

Cool vibes. A good mixture of people coming to do stuff, diving, snorkeling, camel riding, atv riding, hiking, sail boarding, wind surfing, etc and guys like me who want to do ca ca.

Cheap destination. I am paying $30EP or around $5.50US for a Spanish villa type room with shower and bathroom. The above shakes of course, diving runs around $25US a dive, dinners max out about $10US for the most fancy of tastes of course there are plenty of exotic options for a buck or two.

Minimal hassles. There are of course shops and such but the guys know the people coming here don’t want to be dicked with and are willing to spend money if they aren’t.

Women’s paradise. Not for the men as there are minimal Egyptian women, but there are tons of older European women and women in general coming here to be escorted around by young and virale Egyptian guys. I think its pretty cool and a lot more interesting than the old fat guys walking around with the teenage girls everywhere else.

Old vibe, new vibe. The old Dahab was a kind of hippie hang out spot where people slept on the beach or in basic huts, smoking hash, and just hanging out. Now it is pretty much all concrete and designer hotels. They have still left the hang out vibe but now it is manicured and picturesque pillowed Bedouin style patios where you lay out, smoke a sheesha, and suck down a Stella or a milkshake while the cool breeze off the ocean keeps you cool and the reef call to you to get off your ass and go diving. Down the road and closer to town is all the five star places if you are in need of modern technical advanced relaxation.

Thats what I am doing now and have just finished one week.

Here is my itinerary for the day.
Doing nothing in Dahab
Yeah, not much to report. If you want your days to pass quickly despite doing pretty much absolutely nothing, Dahab is the place to do it. Here your 12-step program to doing nothing, as I did today:

1: Woke up, 7:30
2. Went down to breakfast 8.
3: Sat in breakfast spot eating, reading, dozing, talking until 11.
4: Internet: 11-12
5: Hung out and talked people: 12-1
6: Ate lunch, read, and talked with M: 1-3:30
7: Napped: 3:30-5:30
8: Snorkled: 5:30-6:30
9: Showered: 6:30-7
10: Internet: 7-8
11: Dinner: 8:30-10:30 (expected)
12: Sleep, time TBD
13: Rinse and repeat as needed.

My friends are going to go hike Mt. Sinai to see the sun rise, which involves leaving at 11pm the night before, driving for 2 hours, then hiking starting at 1am. I’m told it’s amazing and a “must do” while here. Unfortunately, I more “want to want to do it” rather than actually want to do it. Laziness is infectious…
Ha, ha, ha.

Thats kind of it. I have done my dives, one dive at the “Blue Hole” and one night dive at the spur of the moment. Not really necessary though as I can free dive pretty well and the colorful part of the reef doesn’t extend very far. They do have one wreck dive place, but it is just an old English battleship.

I figure I just might make two weeks here, but wouldn’t be bothered if I packed up and left earlier as I will be going north to Nuweiba which is basically the same thing but a little farther off the track so less package tourist people. From there I think I will be heading across to Jordan rather than Israel as I have to find out how I am going to manage the whole “Israel Stamp discrimination.”

I will post some photos soon, as for now I must defend the world and play Counter Strike.

Goodby from Dahab and it’s good to be me. Ciao.

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