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Chillin in Luang Prabang

The good old Mekong River. LP is a major tourist hub as it is a World Heritage site as well as a major jump off point for pretty much everywhere in Laos. You have flights, road, and with the Mekong river travel.

There are crap loads of temples around and all have their standard orange clad monk students hanging around. I have to say that I think the flourescent orange is a bit tourist driven color. Where did they get flourescent orange dye’s thousands of years ago before the tourists came. Sell outs if you ask me.

Big Buddhas everywhere.

Now this one is cool.

More temple shots.

Sunset on the Mekong.

I am a bit bummered that I will probably not do a river trip on the Mekong as I have hit a few of the world’s major river systems like the Amazon and the Congo. Oh well, possibly in the south.

Picking up dinner at the night market. My standard dinner was a big river perch, a bag of sticky rice, and four donuts.

Sasha developed a gear box problem when I started to lose first and second gears cogs. I was really happy to learn from Justin (Nepal) that he saw a Minsk place in Luang Prabang. The place is called Revs n More and they rent/repair Minsks. It is run by a German guy (Andy) a true Minsk fanatic.

Checking out Sashas guts.

Unfortunately they did not have any spare cogs so he referred me to another place at my next destination. In the meantime they welded the teeth and filed them as a temporary fix.

Ever wonder where those fried bugs come from that you get at the market. Well, they don’t grow on trees. Actually, I guess they do. Well, they have to come off the trees some how and this is how they do it. If you notice the plastic net is actually a rain suit with the ends sewed up. Pretty ingenious. At the top is about a foot or two of extending bamboo which is the tickler and knocks the bugs off. The guy was having a good old time hunting bugs with a net in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Ahhh the life. No worry about the economy for this guy. Everybody needs fried bugs.

This is the tourist boak from I think Pak Beng. Wall to wall tourists. Looks like fun, not.

A little but of variety for dinner. I went with the bbq sausage, chicken, and pork, with some sticky rice, and of course four donuts to make a balanced diet. Sprite and water to cleanse the palette. I am posting this after the fact as it will come into play later.

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  1. Steve, it’s so good to see you still riding the bike! I check this site sporadically, so I’m not even sure if it’s the same one you’ve had all along, but ride on, man! Ride on! How are you dealing with shipping the machine and all the paper work? I tried to buy a small bike in Iran, but it turned out to be a nightmare.

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