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Day 363 Puente Del Este, Uruguay: Nuclear fallout.

Monday, June 5th, 2006


With my homework done and a new fresh day, I headed off for my next stop, the Uruguayan premier beach resort of Puente Del Este.

After a little bit of free internet time via the wireless system in the food court at the bus terminal (a damn good idea for the people that incorporated it), I was on the bus for a short three hour ride to the town that the Buenos Aires people have deemed their own even though it is in Uruguay. A kind of a sore spot for Uruguayans, but the usual provado from BAers.
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Day 362 Montevideo, Uruguay: Homework or bust.

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006


I got up with the intention of heading out. I had all my bags packed, dropped off my big pack as I wanted to go by this internet cafe I found that said they could burn all my photos on to a couple of dvd’s versus the dozen of cd’s that I had to do before. The prior night I had stayed up getting it all organized and split up to fit perfectly on two dvd’s. When I went to the shop, it wasn’t open until noon, so I wasted an hour just wandering around and getting a chorizo sandwich for lunch. About 12:30pm the guy showed up and opened up. We got started right away with setting up my laptop onto their network. The guy actually knew what he was doing so that put my mind to ease. I spent the whole night creating a whole new copy of everything just in case they screwed something up.
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Day 361 Montevideo, Uruguay: I should of bought the other boots.

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
IMG_2705.jpg The condition of my boots have gotten to the alarming state. Glueing lasts about a half the day as the split on the sides are running about a third of the way and ... [Continue reading this entry]

Day 360 Montevideo, Uruguay: Where?

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
IMG_2718.jpg Montevideo, Uruguay? Hmmm. Before I did this South American leg I had no clue where Uruguay was. My first guess would have been Africa and then secondly Europe. Now, it ... [Continue reading this entry]