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Motorcycle for sale.

Saturday, October 18th, 2008


Maintenance history.

Anybody interested in buying the Schwinn?

Currently, I am in Delhi hanging out getting ready to move on so the bike has to go. The risk level has dropped considerably, however the fun factor has as well so I am looking to get to Asia as soon as possible. I’ve got time and t.v. so no huge rush, but it is a stress in my life and I can’t have that. Not sure about picking up another bike in Asia, I’ll have to do some research first.

Otherwise, just relaxing in Delhi.

Royal Enfield Bullet (Schwinn) – List of repairs

Friday, April 25th, 2008


This will be an updated list as things break, wear out, are stolen, or added. Hopefully it will be a short list. Add about $50R per litre for petrol and about 25 kms per liter. Biking it is not cheap, but I figure it would come out to about the same cost if I were to go Ac class on the train and took taxis to hotels and sites.

Prices are in Rupees. $40R = $1US

Bought the Enfield in Arambol, Goa.

$100R Arambol – Tail light screws (2), replaced all (4) signal light bulbs, brake light bulb (1), blinker switch, and hooked up all the wires so all lights are working correctly.

$250R Margao – Added lock kits to side compartments, spare light bulbs, grease nipple.

$225R Gokarna – Replaced gear box gasket and topped off oil.

$90R Hampi – Replaced speedometer cable

$150 Bidar – Engine oil

$300 Udaipur – Replaced front speedometer hub, replaced cable, rebuilt front brakes, wash job
$100 Udaipur – Replaced clutch lever and bracket (dropped Schwinn-bad day)
$40 Udaipur – Re-did wiring and connectors
$200 Udaipur – Replaced brake light switch and voltage gauge.

$30 Jodhpur – Added front brake wiring

$40 Pushkar – Added side handle
$10 Pushkar – Replaced clutch housing filler plug
$20 Pushkar – Welded/repaired kick stand bracket

$165 Mathura – engine oil
$2200 Mathura – see breakdown
Clutch pack – 247
Rod – 25
Pin – 30
adjuster – 15
housing cover – 530
Clutch plate housing – 1050
Clutch seal – 37
Oil – 76
Foot peg rubber – 30

$400 Amritsar
Replace front spindle
Replace speedometer hub
Fix speedometer gauge
Replace speedometer cable
Replace clutch seal
Adjust chain
Repack gear box
Replace helmet visor screws
Replace rear signal light

$40 Jammu
Bungee cords

$250 Srinigar
(2) Spark plugs (spare)
Clutch lever (spare)
De-compression cable (spare)
Front light bulb (spare)
Adjust timing, carbuerator, steering

$.10 Kargil
De-compression screw

$250 rebuild front shocks
$60 (2) De-compression cables (one broke and spare from Srinigar wrong size)
$60 (4) light bulbs (to get all gauges lit)
$170 Tire pump
$50 (2) extra fuel containers
$80 (2) bungee nets for fuel containers
$450 replace head gasket
$75 Bearing grease

1) make tire levers – 70

1) Tow bike to town – 500
2) Help with bike and lodging + tip – 500

1) clutch lever bracket – 35
2) front brake lever bracket – 35
3) bottled water for battery – 20
4) labor – 10

Manali 645
1) Headlamp – 80
2) Headlight bezel – 130
3) (2) bulbs – 30/30
4) Pair of foot peg rubbers – 45
5) (2) Clutch lever brackets – 35/35
6) Tail light cover – 40
7) Fuel tank lock – 95
8) Speedometer cable – 75
9) Weld main stand – 30
10) Tighten chain – 20

Rishikesh $350Rs

Air cleaner assembly
– box
– bracket/bolt
– air filter
– rubber connecter

Rishikesk $3200Rs

Front shock seal repair
New Sprocket and Chain Set (rear sprocket is also brake drum)
New brake pads
Replace all transmission seals
Repair seal housing in inner case
Replace transmission hardware
Replace kickstand stud

Rishikesh $1000Rs

Replace clutch springs
Replace alternator
Adjust clutch pressure