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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Floating Kiwis Floating Ozzie Floating Fresnan
That would be some Dead Sea Floating. Add that to my list of must do’s.

Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Western Wall The Last Supper Room 1 The Last Supper 2 The Last Supper 3 Church of the Sepulcre Church of the SepulcreThe Old Walled City Mount Olive
These are shots from Jerusalem.
The first is of the Dome of the Rock. The Mosque is the second holiest place for Muslims. Unfortunately it is right on top of the Judaisms holiest place, the Holiest of Holy. Because of the segregation, the Muslims get the top and the Jews get the Western Wall aka Wailing Wall which is the second photo. Here is the place where they come to pray. To the far left is a little prayer room that goes farther along the wall. Here, the more diligent pray right up to the corner as it is the closest that is possible, unless you take the tunnel tour which goes to a blocked up passage way. The third through fifth are of the room where the Last Supper was taken. That I thought was pretty cool. There wasn’t a table in it which kind of killed the ambiance. Needs a sign that says “Jesus ate here.” The next two were of the Church of the Sepulcre another formative Christian church. Lots of rock kissing going on. The alleyways of the Old city follow and then the view of Mt. Olives with all the rocky areas being the cemetary.

Haifa- Baihia Gardens Haifa- cool building
Haifa was a quick one nighter. Not too much to see there. Should of went to Acco.

Masada Masada 1 Masada 2 Masada 3
Masada was the tepui that we climbed to see the fortress which was the Jews last stand.

Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Peace surf circle with Kelly Slater Tel Aviv 3
Tel Aviv beach life.

Tiberias Tiberias 2
Tiberias, the resort town on the Sea of Galilee. Link to the Spa we went.

The Wall A French Artist on the wall Sniper tower where they yelled at me. Use the people to see how big the wall is.
“The Wall.” Pretty big. Check out the last photo to get an idea of how big it is. Some good graffiti on the Palestine side. “Place bomb here” was my favorite. Not too good of a symbol for peace. American tax dollars at work. I guess if they do separate, it will be a necessary evil.

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Israel is fucked up. There, that’s it. Pretty damn simple and concise. Unfortunately, as brutal as it sounds, you would probably be hard pressed to find anybody who could repute it.

Okay, I guess I should preface in big bold letters, THIS IS STRICTLY INFORMATION ACCORDING TO ME. Do not agree, fine, post a comment with any discrepancies, it is fine because I will be the first to shout, “I don’t know everything and barely know above anything.” Also, this stuff will be very basic as I would probably not read it if it was to concise and therefore would not be very Stevish.
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Israel- where I have been.

Friday, November 2nd, 2007
I am so far behind as I really have been hauling ass running around and checking things out that I will rely on my pictures for a better story. In Israel, I stayed twice in Jerusalem the holiest of holy cities ... [Continue reading this entry]

I WENT TO ISRAEL (Palestinian Territories)

Friday, November 2nd, 2007
Thats right, I don't care if anybody knows it, I went there. So whats the big deal, well, in the Middle East, most of the Arab countries do not recognize Israel as even existing (I'll explain more about this.) ... [Continue reading this entry]