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I’m Back: Khartoum, Sudan, but first from where we left off.

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Soooo, I was going to give up the good life and heading North to do the Historical circuit of Ethiopia. Leaving my cushey life in Addis and going prison bus surfing took a lot of self motivation.

The Northern circuit is roughly a 2700 kilometer run heading north in a large round about. Rock hewn churches, churches cut out of stone, churches at the top of mountains, churches on islands, churches churches everywhere. This area is sometimes thought of one of the birth places or at least one of the top three significant Christian locations. For me, not the big church guy, but what can you do? In Ethiopia it is there number one tourist draw. So, at 5am I was at the bus station and boarding the first of many prison buses for the days ride to half way to the first spot. That’s right, were covering some distance. This was also one of the first times that I had a deadline as my Sudan Visa would expire in three weeks. Should have been four, but took that extra week in Addis to rest from my preparing to go.

Just to add, I am not sure how caught up I am going to get in Sudan because it is like hot and humid. So don’t expect too much too fast. I am melting as we speak.