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Photos: Republic of Congo

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Photos of Brazzaville:
View of Kinshasa from Brazzaville over the Congo River Brazzaville (1).JPG
Kinshasa over the Congo River taken from Brazzaville.

Central Brazzaville
Central Brazzaville.

Bullet riddled building
This was the first place where I have seen real distinctive battle scars. If you look closely at this building you can see all the bullet holes. There were buildings like this all over the capital city but heavily around the city center. One of the most disturbing areas was around the train station where they had fences made of 3/4 inch square piping set about every eight inches. There were so many holes in that fencing that you could hardly imagine how many bullets must have been flying and how many bullets went through. A better visual would be power lines being all shot up, if a lot hit the this wire, think how many went around it. There were also many mortar holes throughout the buildings. Pretty sketchy stuff and this went on in Kinshasa only a month ago.

View of Poto Poto
View out of my bathroom of Poto Poto where I stayed.

Packing them into the train.
This is as we were getting ready to leave. As you can see in the seat in front of me that you can get unlucky and end up with a big black man on your lap. Actually, I’m not going to complain as a big black man probably prevented me from getting killed by those coward “Ninja” bastards.

This is a bad photo from the front of the train, notice what is missing, the engine. They just left us there for six hours. Incredible.

Pristine jungle.
Unspoiled, pristine, what made it all worth while, well, that and the kids.

Break down number two.
12 kilometers outside one of the main stops. It really sucked for those that just got on. Another five hours wasted. This is also where the sniffles and sneezing came. Wouldn’t you have guessed allergies.

River land
My favorite area in all of the Congo. It was about five hours before Pointe-Noire. The area is mountainous, covered in jungle, and had rivers and falls all over the place. It reminded me of Dominica. What made it really special was that the rivers ran clear which was very different than the other rivers of the Congo. Fresh pure water.

Malaria. “Damn it, someone stole the table again.”

Maps of DRC Congo and Republic of Congo

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Kananga, DRC Ilebo, DRC Dibaya, DRC Kitwit, DRC Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Immigration stamps
Immigration stamps.

Places to stay Kinshasa (old info LP)

Ninjas in the Congo don’t like me.

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Kinshasa and God.

Friday, January 26th, 2007
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