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Castle hopping in Orchha.

Orchha name means “Hidden place”, and it personifies that to a tee. I was actually fairly burned out about seeing castles after my time through the Middle East. By changing my route I unknowingly have gotten to see some surprisingly interesting sites. Coming to Orchha which was kind of a midway stopping point, I was fairly awestruck when I pulled into the small village to see castles, forts, palaces, temples, and cenotaphs towering over the village rooftops. They were all built roughly during the 16th and 17th century and were in still fairly good condition. Where most of the castles in the Middle East were just shells these were still structurally together. The artwork and murals were also still in good condition so it was a lot easier to get a perspective of how the place looked back in it’s hey day. The place definitely gets a thumbs up.
orcha-blog.JPG orcha-blog-1.JPG orcha-blog-3.JPG orcha-blog-4.JPG orcha-blog-5.JPG orcha-blog-6.JPG orcha-blog-7.JPG orcha-blog-8.JPG orcha-blog-9.JPG orcha-blog-10.JPG orcha-blog-11.JPG orcha-blog-12.JPG

From here I am starting to pass over a route that I came up on. Guess where that is? Give up, Agra. Oh yea, Agra is where the Taj Mahal is. How cool is that. The Taj is one of those once in a lifetime places, and I’m going to see it twice.


3 responses to “Castle hopping in Orchha.”

  1. Shawn says:

    Steve, beautiful Indian Ringneck Parrot, it’s a male. I had a female as a pet years ago. My Ringneck love me so much she would throw up on me, it’s parrot romance.

    The castles in the Middle East caught up to yeah? Staying in Egypt for five months I caught a little Pharaonic fatigue syndrome, I was bumming. If I would have stayed another month I would have ending up in the Egyptian nut house, lol.

    Well Steve, you’re the only person I know who is traveling long term like myself. You are right, most people that “travel the world”, travel for a year, which is OK, everyone has different styles of travel.

    Maybe we will cross paths someday.

  2. Priyank says:

    Hey Steve,
    Beautiful pictures of the palaces. Orchha is not on the tourist highway so the town is much more ‘authentic’ or ‘deprived of tourist infrastructure’ whichever way you wanna put it 🙂 How was your experience with the little town and the people?

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