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Cape Town to Durban/Lesotho. 08-25-06 to 10-01-06

This was the route I took and cost for public transport and camping. Hostels ran about 70-90R for dorms. I camped out in all of them. So far, in the 90+days that I have been in Africa I have slept in a bed only nine times. The rest has been in my tent. The cost saving is about 45%.

Buses- GreyHound, City to City, RSA, etc. Full size Econo-liner buses with reclining seats, toilet, tv, etc. If the destination was over three hours, I used the big buses.
Mini-buses – Cargo vans with bench seats. Usually seats four in the back and then three rows of three. Main mode of transportation for locals. They are used for local destinations as well as long distance. Most economical way of traveling. They run pre-set routes and are based out of taxi ranks spread out throughout the city, depending on the destination. They do not leave until the bus is full.
Metro Buses – Big school buses usually painted up as colorful as possible. Crammed full of people. Usually used to haul people to outlying areas and town ships.
Shared Taxi – Similar as the Mini-buses but are cars and used for areas without a heavy demand. Usually 3-4 in back and two up front.
Hitch hiking – Very common way of getting around, but the ride isn’t free. You usually still have to pay.

Cape Town – Ashanti Hostel $55R camping.

Cape Town to Knysna- Greyhound $100R.
Knysna – Knysna Backpackers $70R Dorm. 2 Nights. No camping facililities in hostels.

Knysna to Plettenberg – Local Mini taxi to township $5R, Local Mini-bus Township to Plettenburg $15R
Plettenberg Bay – Albergo Backpackers $45R 1st night, $40R 2nd night, $35R 3rd night….

Plettenberg Bay to Jeffreys Bay – Big bus to Humandorf $49R, Local Mini-bus to J-bay $10R
Jeffreys Bay – Island Vibe Backpackers $40R camping

Jeffreys Bay to Port Elizabeth – Local Mini-bus $30R
Port Elizabeth Backpackers $40R camping

Port Elizabeth to East London – TransLux $80R
Niki Nana Backpackers $50R camping

East London to Cintsa – Local Mini-bus $11R
Buccaneers Backpackers Cintsa $45R camping

Cintsa to East London (No route North.) $11R. Long ass walk to Cintsa East and over the hill (45 minutes walk uphill.)
East London to Coffee Bay (Ultra Shell Mthatha on N2) – Greyhound $95R.
Ultra Shell to Coffee Bay (1.5 hours) Coffee Shack Backpackers Shuttle $45R each way.
Coffee Shack Backpackers $40R camping

Coffee Bay to Ultra Shell Mthatha- Coffee Shack shuttle $45R each way.
Ultra Shell Mthatha to Port Shepstone – City to City Bus $90R
Port Shepstone to Umzumbe – free pickup by hostel.
Mantis and Moon hostel – $50R camping.

Umzumbe to Durban – Margate Shuttle $80R
Bus terminal to Hostel – Taxi $40R (paid by hostel).
Home Backpackers – $50R camping.

Durban to Pietermaritzburg – Local Mini-bus $30R
Umphiti Backpacker – $45R camping

Pietermaritzburg to Underburg – Local Mini-bus $40R
Underburg to Hostel – Free pick-up and drop off
Khotso Backpackers – $40R

Underburg to Sani Pass pick up – Local Mini-bus $20R
Sani Pass pick up to Sani Pass Top – 4-wheel drive Local Mini-bus $30R
Sani Top Chalet (Lesotho) – Free Camping in the village.

Sani Pass to Mokhotlong – Local Mini-bus $20R
Free camping in a abandoned sheep village.

Mokhotlong to Pietermaritzburg – Free (Met some people.)
Umphiti Backpackers – $45R camping

Pietermeritzburg to Durban – Local Mini-bus $30R
Home Backpackers – $50R

By traveling public transportation versus Baz Bus and camping versus hostel, the cost is about 60% less.

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