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Cairo, Egypt: The completion of the Cape to Cairo route.

Although bus rides tend to be pretty un-interesting, it did give me an opportunity to be surprised to see the Pyramids of Giza looming over Cairo. Beyond that we arrived in the dust and smog ridden capital.

I got dropped off at some bus station that I had no clue where it was. It wasn’t on my map and it was far from where I though we should be. Luckily, after wandering around pretty much not having a clue, I asked a guy how I was to get to a certain area of town. He explained to me the easiest way was to take the Metro. Holy shit, a Metro. I was pumped because Metro’s are like a life line for a traveler. They are the only easy to figure out transport there is. You just walk in, look at the map, find the place you want to go and look at the colored lines and dots to figure out your route. From there you buy a ticket, follow the signs that show your colored route and hop on the Metro. From there you just look up at the map above the doorway and watch the signs of the stations as you stop. Once you get out you follow the exit signs with your street and out you pop right where you are supposed to be. Amazingly simple. It turned out that wherever they dropped me off, I was off the map in God knows where bus station. That Metro saved me a days worth of getting lost.

I got recommended a hostel by Snarky and headed straight there so I could drop my bags and get situated. I spent the day getting familiarized with the area and drinking juice. Back at the hostel I met up with an Aussie guy just finishing his contract in London. He was doing some sight seeing before heading home so we made plans to visit the Giza Pyramids and share the cost of a cab out to some outlying areas for the following day.

The next day we did as planned. Took the public bus out to Giza which is the part of Cairo that bumps right up to one side of the Pyramids. We did the whole walk around the three major Pyramids, visited some tombs, voted that the Sphynx was not as big as we imagined, I brutalized a taxi driver and got a good deal on the fare, visited, Saqquara and Memphis sites, and then bussed it back to the hostel. All in all not a bad day especially since by bow my Herpes were raging and I thought that some little monster was going to erupt out of my side, take a look around, and then take off running into a whole in the wall. Later we would have to hunt it down with flame throwers and kill its babies. Something like that. No, but really, I was hurting.
Herpes story here.

Now, I am not to sure about the whole Cape to Cairo thing, but when I finished there weren’t any parades with banners and confetti. There was no cake or band. There wasn’t even a trophy or certificate. Kind of a let down. Oh well. Were on our way to stage I think four, the Middle East.

Oh but first, some more sight seeing in Egypt.

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