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Botswana or bust

Chobe National Park (36).JPG

We entered Botswana through the north east via Mohembo-Shakawe. We ended up missing the cut-off to cross the border because of the time change so we stayed the night at a nice river camp that we found.

The next day our mission was the Okavango Delta. The Okavango Delta is made up of a river 1430km long originating from central Angola and flowing down through Botwana and the Okavango and spreading like the fingers of a hand and slowly dissipating in the sand. It brings life to an otherwise desert like area. The tourist draw is that it is supposedly one of the most spectacular sights on earth and needs to be traveled via the old style Mokoros (local dug out canoes) through the champagne colored water. With the water comes the animals, and a three day river tour was in order.

We had heard that the best area was at the southern point of the “v” that the river makes, but at the upper left “pan handle”, deals could be made. We gave the pan handle a shot but came up empty. So, we ended up making the long drive down to the bottom. While up in the pan handle, we met up with a guy who new a guy and set up a meeting for us. That evening we met up and I arranged a deal (that was my main job for our group as the English speaker, deal making. Coming from South Africa, my deal making skills are still sharp. The hand waving, heart grabbing, begging, pleading, “I love you- really” all helped to get us some savings along the way. In the end we got a good deal for $110US for three days/ two nights via Mokoros. After shopping and a stay at the Audi camp, we were off.


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