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Back to Narithiwat.

Plan C took in effect when I just couldn’t justify fishing the muddy outlet I had found. Although the fishing village was quaint and would have made a great place to “do the local thing”, it would have ended up being a bland fishing hole, with an overly quiet off fishing time. I figured plan B was worth checking out which was the other jetty right at the border river at Tumpat and Takba. I made the short drive to the town but found nothing in the way of accommodations, a lack luster border market, one basic fishing shop, and a decent jetty/park but with the same issue of a muddy river and muddy outlet. The jetty was a step up, (you can see the layout if you use Google Earth), but the town was not exactly a pleasant to stay looking place so I just said screw it and hopped on the ferry across the river to Thailand. Takba was also pretty quiet and by then I was ready for the comforts of my home away from home Narithiwat. I hadn’t eaten that day and since Mama’s was closed when I passed through the last time, I was Jonesing for some good mama quality curry.

With cheers of “fishing man is back”, I got settled into one of the non-fishing rooms as both of the fishing rooms were still occupied by Henry (Omri) and the German journalist. With the heat of the day still pounding down, I decided to fulfill my stomach obligations and grab some curry. After that it was down to the fishing shop to pick up another of the telescopic rods to complete my new fishing rig. I picked up a new model they had which was basically the same pole but which had a longer upper grip. I actually needed a longer handle, but it was at least a little improvement. I might try to rig up an extension when I get to Songkhla as I also need to add an extra guide to the top section as there is too much distance between the second guide and the tip causing the line to pull under the backbone (trying to use an overly light/too long pole with a medium size bait caster.) Back at the hotel I took some time rigging up both poles while chatting with the guys. Eam downstairs was harping on me to get fishing, but as I needed to go to the market to get bait, there was not too much I can do.

A massive storm rolled through which was the biggest the guys had seen since they were here so it killed my chance at going to the market at my usual time. It was almost sunset when the rain broke and I was able to hit the market for some shrimp. By the time I had gotten back it was getting dark and my dinner catfish time was almost over. I hurried to get baited up and quickly made a rats nest out of my new reel when I tried to cast the overly large weight with the mis-matched pole. Finally getting that settled, I switched over to my spinning rod to get that line wet when the clicker on the new pole started popping. I quickly grabbed the bouncing pole and gave it a good tug. I could feel the line drag against some rocks and just before locking itself up, the tug of a fish on the other side. I quickly horsed it out of the hole and was able to crank the fish up to the balcony as good 30lb fluorocarbon line gives you a little added confidence. And there it flopped. I originally thought it was going to be one of those damn snake fish or a big puffer, but it turned out to be a beautiful Snapper. I was surprised to see such a nice fish this far up the river. I had caught the Mahogany Snapper here, but they seem to be the most common Snapper everywhere. I decided it was a good fish to surprise the ladies so I hoisted it up with my pliers and walked down stairs to give it to the mama of the house. The other girls started chattering right away as their fish catcher was back on duty. I knew it was a good fish when mama saw it and she gave a girlish scream running over with her bucket to make sure nobody else put dibs on the expensive chunker. I ended the night with a couple of small catfish before Fabian the German guy and I headed out for some Roti and tea with some of his local friends that he had made.

Today, this morning, I caught six nice pan sized fish, all different species using the old fish candy shrimp and also on a small sized sabiki jig. They were more than pleased with that haul so now I can convert back to trying to catch something larger. I am not sure if I am going to try and do the live shrimp dance here to get some good bait as I am liable to get shot going into some of these areas. I would like to give the rock pile another try so I just might do some shrimp and squid and see what I come up with. Beyond that Narithiwat is still the home away from home where I am sure I will be leaving with a few extra kilos around my waste and a few more fish stories.

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  1. justin says:

    You are obsessed man…..good to hear u r back in thailand at your favourite spot….don’t mess with a good formula, especially when u r in year 5 of your travels.

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