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Back to Honduras, Santa Rosa de Copan.


The segment of leaving El Salvador for Honduras was important as it broke my streak of bad bus rides. Now, it wasn´t hugely difficult, but it did require three different buses and every time you add a new connection, the risk increases significantly. From La Palma, I just had to jump on a passing bus as we were pretty close to the border already so any bus heading north would stop somewhere at the border town. The crossings have become significantly easier with the CA-4 agreement as all I had to do was track down the Honduran official whom input my data into the computerized system and charged me the $3 entry fee. Outside of that, I spent the small amount of US coins that I had on a little icey and I walked up a bit to a waiting minibus. That minibus took us to the first town of Nueva Ocotepeque where once I let the helper know where I was going, he took my bags and loaded them on the waiting bus which would take me by my first stop of Santa Rosa de Copan. The ride to SRC was surprisingly through some pretty rugged mountain ranges. Fortunately it was only a couple of hours of a roller coaster ride when we pulled up to the somewhat large town of SRC. As buses usually stop a couple of times on its way through a larger city, I grabbed my bag and walked up to the conductor and told him that I wanted off by the town center. It turned out to be somewhat a no brainer as SRC had a terminal right on the main highway. The only downside was that the town center was on top of a surrounding ridge which required a two kilometer up hill walk. Now, it would have been easy to just take a bus or a taxi up the hill as pretty much all the locals did, however I still stick to my guns on walking pretty much everytime no matter the distance because in reality backpacking in the normal sense really never materializes as most “backpackers” never walk with their packs farther than the doorway to a hostel to their room. It isn´t really all that difficult for me anyways as I am traveling really light and the weight is fairly not a factor.

It surprises me that these different countries although similar that they are right next to each other and are culturally rather similar (latin), the feel can be rather different. SRC right away felt more modern and cultured. Cultured not in the sense of ethnicity, but more in the way that they people and the way the town felt was more civilized. It really felt kind of like a college/upper class town. The layout was easy, the town was clean, the people were all really well dressed, their were more boutique type shops and quaint stores, and a very impressive functional town center/central park. Probably the most impressive thing about SRC was the central park. The generalities were the same, church on one end, fountains, seating, lots of greenery, and plenty of people taking advantage of the shade. One main difference was that they had built a tourist office right in the center of the park and kind of made it the centerpiece. It was octagon shaped, two stories, and made out of some nicely painted and trimmed panelings. The bottom was the tourist office and the top was a sort of seating area gazebo. In the office they had a pretty receptionist with pamphlets about the surrounding area. What really impressed me was when I asked about places to stay. She brought out a binder which had laminated photos of each hotel in town along with prices and directions. Very helpful. Also, along the outer walls they had new computers which were utilized for web access. It was the first really functional tourist that I had seen since Asia. Another plaza positive was that they had a very nice food court lined with mamas places serving different types of typical Honduran foods and drinks. These were not your normal sort of sketchy looking food stalls, but more white table cloth and sanitary looking eating spots. The pricing was better than at the fancier restaurants throughout town so I ended up eating there for my meals.

The only downspot was finding a place to stay. There was really only two economical places to stay in town as things were a bit more upscale . The first was a basic but clean place ran by a grandmotherly lady who also had an adjoining pharmacy. For whatever reason we didn´t get off on the right foot. She seemed a bit annoyed when I asked to see the rooms first as I am imagineing since she got good reviews in the guidebook most people just drop bags and thats it. I was actually looking to see what a few bucks more might get me somewhere else (tv) and told her I wanted to look around the town a bit. I went back to the tourist agency and the girl gave me the name of a place close by the first one. Well, it turned out to be pretty much right next door and I am assuming the old lady saw me scoping out the other hotel. It turned out to be closed for renovations so I ended up going back to the tourist office for more suggestions but turned up fruitless as there was no real mid-level budget places. I ended up walking around some more and passed by the old ladies place a couple more times as I zigzagged my way around the town. Finally, I said screw it and went back to the cranky lady and arranged a room. By that time she was pretty pissy and almost scolded me for not picking her place the first time. Oh well. Once I got checked in I didn´t have to deal with her anymore.

The rest of my time I spent wandering the pretty interesting town bumping into a missionary who lived in Las Vegas. She was with her local friend and I think she was kind of embarassed when I started talking about Vegas and it being sin city and all that.

Altough I clicked really well with the town, I wanted to head off a bit to an area known for having a quaint local town rich with cultural and most importantly thermal swimming pools. I figured I would be passing through the town again I could just make another stop over so I really wasn´t worried about doing a one and out.

Whats cookin.

The food stalls in the central plaza. At night it was packed out with people buying plates of food and then hanging out in the park having dinner. Nice.

I had this for lunch and for dinner some good old nachos. I prefer my nachos with cheddar and jack cheese though. These have those excellent hardy chips.


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