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Back from Everest.


Well, Iā€™m back. The trip was successful and now I am doing some serious celebrating (watching tv), relaxing (watching tv), catching up with whats going on in the world (watching tv), and watching tv (watching tv).

Give me a few days and I will get some of the photos up.



2 responses to “Back from Everest.”

  1. Priyank says:

    Hey, Welcome back. I’ve been following all your trips. The Peru series was very useful to me. Thanks.

  2. Colleen says:

    Hello Steve!

    I have been following your journey through this website for quite some time now and I just think its awesome to watch sometime follow their heart as it guides them through life. So may times I have been here at work, bored and counting the hours before I get to leave the office, and found so much inspiration in your website! With that said – congratulations for this successful leg of your trip! I’ll definitely be checking back in to see the pics when they’re posted.

    Just thought I should drop you a note and let you know that there are countless people out there (I assume šŸ™‚ following your travels.

    Best wishes for health and safety – Colleen, NYC

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