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Another Island anyone? Koh Lanta.

You have got to be getting bored with this island/beach thing as much as me. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. So off to Koh Lanta we go.

My favorite type of island, one that I can take Sasha to. Actually, the drive takes you over two islands so you get two for the price of one. These are real islands though as there is no continual road so you have to take two different ferries to get across. They are cheap though at 8B each.

I stayed at the northernmost beach which is the more developed higher end area. As it is low season I figured I could get the best bang for my buck here.

I saw this place on the website and it had gotten good reviews with a people saying they planned for just a night but ended up staying there for their full vacation. It was a nice mid-level place close to everything and with a 7-11 right across the road. Since I had Sasha, I figured I could cruise around to see the rest of the island but still be right in the middle of the amenities which I valued more (satellite tv). I got a nice bungalow for 300B vs 600B+ high season. Lanta Bee Resort.

Counting waves.

One of the more interesting things I did was walk along the high water mark in the rocky areas and picked through all the things that had been washed up. Lots of sandals, bottles (plastic and glass), fishing gear, and everything else in between. I scored when I found a sealed packet of motion sickness medicine.

An interesting tree that lives in the salt water. I have seen mangroves do it but this was the first time I had seen actual trees. At high tide they are covered with sea water.

I took a ride to end end of the island where it turns into National Park and requires a 200B entry fee. Good by.

This is the coastline I followed. Each bay had a nice little cove with beach. They all had a few resorts and bungalows from which to pick from. These were the “get away” from everything spots.

Nice pristine beaches. This is the last bay and the one that I would recommend if anyone came by here.

The resorts blend in so they are not so conspicuous which makes things nicer.

This was some tough riding conditions as the road went to shit on the ups and downs. I was cranking it in first gear and still having to use my feet to help get to the top of some of them. The ridges caused by the runoff made things a bit sketchy. Sasha kicked ass even though it was a lot of grinding and monkey banging which I should not have done.


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