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Amritsar-Still here… Why would I leave?

The good news is that I am still here and still getting free internet. The bad thing is that I will probably be taking off tomorrow morning to start heading towards the mountains.

I spent the morning getting Schwinn as fixed up as I can as the next leg is some serious biking and it could be downright dangerous if I get stuck up there in altitude. The only thing that is really left is that I have a slow oil leak that I can’t find and I need a shifter rubber. Beyond that, the Schwinn seems to be humming really well. We shall see.

The rest of the day I hit a few more tourist sites like the Mata Temple which is a adulterated labrynth of tunnels and caves which was turned into a temple honoring the female saint Lal Devi. Women wishing to get pregnant go there to pray. It was pretty cool wandering around ankle deep in water and climbing through little passage ways. It’s more like a fun house than an actual cave however. After that I went to see a supposedly impressive museum at the Summer Palace built by the Lion of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It however was closed for renovations so I checked out the panorama instead. After that I did the sunset at the Golden Temple. I will have to say that Amritsar has turned out to be my favorite Indian town (Arambol is not considered India.) The people, the Sikh religion, the temple all score very high with me. Another big plus is that there are not very many cows, goats, and animals in general roaming the streets. That in itself really helps to efficianize the city. Plus, you don’t get that cow shit smell with the droves of flies everywhere.

Spending the evening at the temple and just kicking back I noticed a few more things. They have priests inside the temple who do a continuous chant out of the Sikh Holy book. This is broadcast over the whole complex and really helps to put you in a relaxed state. There are also these little glass booths with I am guessing other priests dotted throughout the complex. They sit in the booths praying and the people come up and pray with them. In the evening it is really nice because the weather cools and many families and groups come to the temple to just stroll around or to sit by the waters edge and chat. It is extremely calming just sitting there people watching with this gleaming golden temple reflecting off the lake. A very spectacular site that I definitely prefer over the Taj.

So that is it for me. Tomorrow, I should be heading farther north to Jammu on my way to Srinigar and Dal lake where the claim to fame is houseboats. You go there, rent a room on a houseboat and just chill there for a few days. After that, depending on the road conditions I would like to try the road to Ley. I am a bit early so if it doesn’t open for a while I will have to come all the way back down go across and then head all the way back up again as there is the only one seasonal road that is open a couple months out of the year. So, that’s it for a bit.


Shots from the Mata Temple.

Sunset Golden Temple


2 responses to “Amritsar-Still here… Why would I leave?”

  1. Acidspike says:

    Good luck on the Road, Steve. I’m pulling and praying for the Schwinn to keep you safe as you travel to the Mountains. I look forward to seeing the incredible vistas you’ll come across.

  2. 99% Bachelor says:

    Thanx to visiting our city Steve. .

    I will appreciates if you comment on about your feeling.

    So, our Govt. will make it much better.


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