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Aksum, Ethiopia photos

King Bazen's Tomb King Bazen
Entry way to King Bazen’s Tomb. Not much inside but a few buriel chambers and a room for supplies. On the back side of the entrance was a spot for close relatives and friends.

Stelae1 Stelae 2 Stelae 3
Stelae are the tall structures which I guess were somewhat like markers for tombs. Pretty intricately engraved and cut out from Granite rocks. A few had collapsed, one was even taken back to Italy after the invasion and is now sitting back in the parking lot in three huge crates waiting to be reassembled. You can see by the angle, they won’t be standing for too much longer if they are not supported.

Queen of Sheba's Palace
Queen of Sheba’s Palace. You get a much better feel for it from a distance as up close it is just a mass of rock walls, stairs, and a few recognizable rooms like the bakery and bath.

Stelae field
Stelae field where the huge structures were formed. It sure did look like that place in Colombia where they had the same type of thing, but there it was dedicated to penises.

Little girl Amethyst
Little girl whom I bought an amulet from.

Found tomb
One of the tombs that I found when I went to the wrong mountain.

Tombs of King Kaleb & Gebre Meskel King Kaleb and Gebre Meskel King Keleb and Gebre Meskel
These were the two best maintained tombs in the area. They belonged to two of the local kings King Kaleb and Gebre Meskel. There were two tombs next to each other with one being the buriel area and the other for supplies. What is kind of neat is that there are little markers engraved on the wall to designate other chambers. Supposedly there are lots of attached chambers that still need to be excavated. When you walk on some of the floors, you can hear the hollowness coming through the rock. Makes you want to come back with a stick of dynamite or a pick axe. The security guard told me that there are hundreds of sites all over the hillsides that are slowly being excavated. That is probably the reason for the two I found.


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