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Addis Ababa: I am now caught up and ready to leave.

Not much to say about Awasa as I just ended up staying there for a couple of nights. I ended up getting that nasty rash there, but after a dose of Cortisone, it was wiped our pretty quick. The rash was a trusted friend as I knew for sure it was Dengue once that came. If you go back to my Venezuela time frame and my first run in with Dengue, you can see the pictures where my whole body is covered in the rash. This time I only got patches all over my body and then they would disappear and pop up again in a different place. Pretty nasty stuff, but it made me happy. How often do you hear “I got this huge rash and I was so happy.”

After a six hour ride, I was in the Capital city of Addis Ababa. New Flower in English, Addis is a popular stop over as it has a cool climate, warm days, and a nice mix of old and new. For me the big positives were, a huge variety of juices, internet, International food, and women.

I ended up spending the first night staying at one of the main tourist places, but luckily the next day I ran into Juan and he took me to where he was staying. It turned out to be the cheap backpackers place with half farenjis and half locals. It was a bit run down but the people are nice and it’s got a great location.

Juan and I hung out for a few days re-hashing our experiences after we separated and I tagged along with him as he went through all the red tape of getting visas for Sudan and Egypt. That worked out really well for me as soon I would be doing the same thing. After a few days he had to leave as his Visa was running out and it is a four day trip to the border.

Myself, I have been pretty much recovering and getting caught up on the blog. I have been here for almost two weeks and I have just started feeling good the last three. My usual routine now is to get up, open up the doors to the balcony to let the sun shine in, go back to bed and take a nap, get up and head over to my juice lady for a banana/avocado shake, and then over to work on the internet. After a few hours I go to the Evian Cafe and have a cheese burger or tuna salad. Then it is back to the hotel for a nap. I then go to a different cafe for cake and tea and then upstairs to their internet cafe where I write up stories for the following day. Then it is back to the hotel to meet up with a Dutch girl named Cinderella (no shit), and we head off to an exotic restaurant to eat anything non-Ethiopian. I haven’t eaten Ethiopian since Juan left and I think was the key to my recovery. Chinese, excellent Cheeseburgers, Italian, and soon to be Mexican if I can ever find the place.

So, I think I am pretty much caught up. I only have a cough left, so health wise I am doing fine. In three days I think I will take the train East to Dire Dawa and then down to Harar. A week or two there and then back to Addis for the last of my recovery time and then up to the North to do the historic circuit. That should take about a month, and then I will head into Sudan on my way to Egypt.

I don’t want to go to Sudan.

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