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3 hours Congo time = day and a half.

What do you get when you go on a 3 hour drive in a Toyota Landcruiser stuffed with fourteen people? 14 people stuck in the middle of the road in a broken down Landcruiser for a day and a half.

We made it exactly 18kms before an oil line burst covering the side of the LandCruiser and bringing us to a stop. Luckily, there was a mechanic on board and after a bunch of rubber strapping, tape, silicone glue, super glue, and wire, we were on our way. We made it a hundred yards before it all blew up again. This time, we learned that they did not bring any spare oil with them so we were done. We were stuck out in the middle of the jungle with no way of fixing the thing. The owner and the mechanic took off to walk back to a village to see if they could scrounge up parts and oil. Once the sun started to go down, half the passengers took off as well when some villagers came down and offered beds for $300fcs. I figured screw it, I had my camping stuff and it was an adventure. There was a little pond a ways away where villagers were getting water so I took a quick bath. I was feeling pretty good after a nice bath, a good meal of the meat and nsima I had saved from the Chiefs wifes dinner, and my bedroll and mosquito net all spread out next to the landcruiser. It was a beautiful night out and I actually enjoyed it a lot. The only negative was the mosquitoes who still got to me anywhere a piece of me edged against the mosquito net. I woke up once to see a ball of mosquitoes nibbling through the net and my pants at my knee which had rolled up against the net. This is where I am pretty sure the Malaria I just got over came from. These were straight up Congo jungle mosquitoes.

At about 4am, the owner and the mechanic came back with a new fitting, some tubing, and more superglue. They rigged up the broken fitting and sealed it up with a mixture of cotton and superglue. We were finally off again after driving back to the village and getting all the other passengers. Three hours later we finally rolled into Kitwit.

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