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Puerto Viejo de Tamanaca…Man whore training.

After an introductory beach time session in Cahuita I headed the few hours to the most popular beach town of Puerto Viejo. Puerto Viejo is the main touristic town, but what I have come to learn is that Central America is way less populated than that of Asia so beach resort towns here are actually what I would describe as quaint villages. No fancy all inclusive resorts, no glass and chrome buildings, a couple of paved roads with a lot of mom and pop guest houses with a few larger backpacker complexes and that’s about it. There was still the Jamaican theme, but again a pretty low key vibe, great surfer beaches, and the jungle leading right up to the waters edge. I scored a great room which was massive and had separate toilet and shower rooms, hot water, full cable tv, my own hammock in front, kitchen and free internet.

I had originally come down meaning to meet up with my friend but at the place where I was staying I met a 70 year old world traveling Italian whore. She was attractive for 70 and you could tell had been a real looker when she was younger. She was at par with the super model level when she was younger, definitely good genes. She was another well traveled person having lived and worked all over the world and spoke a half dozen languages fluently. We met up in the kitchen as I was getting my first shot at home cooked spaghetti. She was stuck at the moment in Costa Rica having been brought over by an American guy who had turned out to be a bit of a gangster and who was now in jail in Mexico. She came over under the guise of working as a chef in one of his restaurants, but it had not worked out and now she was having to bide her time until her out going ticket could be used. She had a new Mac laptop and was having problems with it so she asked if I could help her. She was new to the electronics age so a lot of it was just showing her how to do things as well as find stuff . Going through her e-mails and photos she showed me all the guys that were sponsoring her. Basically, she would meet these older guys on the net or through friends, they would pay her way to either visit them or travel with them and she would get gifts and some spending cash. She had problems with downloading the pictures people had sent her so I showed her how to download, find them, open them, and save them. It was surprising how many of these guys were just basically giving her a credit card number and an open invite. She had photos of her and random guys at all these resort places all over the world. In the end, with my help, she had it set up so that the guy who had brought her over and was currently in jail, his mother was to arrange for a ticket to get her back to Italy. Since the mother was in her eighties and unsure of how to do it, I went on the net and picked out a very direct and expensive flight. She sent the mother the itinerary and the mother Western Unioned her the cash. In the mean time, she had contacted a “friend” who wanted her to come see him for a few months in Mexico. She planned it so that she would fly to Mexico to see her friend, spend the time there until her original flight was due to go back to Italy and then bank the money the mother had sent for her emergency ticket. She confided in me that yea, most of these guys were thinking with their lower heads, but at her age it wasn´t possible to find work in Italy as ageism is very prominent in Italy. Not a bad way to see the world, I think. I asked if she knew of any young hot Russian babes who would want to sponsor me. She said that I shouldn´t give up my day job and also to not bank that much on my cooking abilities. Bitch.

I ended up hanging out most of the time with my whore buddy and never ran into my other friend as the backpacker where her son lived was about a kilometer down the beach. I stopped by a couple of times but the place is massive and I didn´t find her. I was supposed to have an authentic Thanksgiving dinner that she was going to prepare for her son and his friends but I ended up having authentic Italian food which was pretty damn good. I learned a bit about cooking as well, although I prefer my backpacker spaghetti to the authentic italian stuff.

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