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Cahuita, Costa Rica

The first stop was at a the Jamaican influenced village of Cahuito. It was a bit of a bus ride traveling through a lot of twisty mountainous roads, but it turned out to be worth it when we dropped down into the valleys along the coast line. Volcanic black sand beaches, pristine jungles, and a real laid back town was the perfect start. The place really reminded me of the Virgin Islands. The locals were more of an African influenced mix speaking a mix of English/Jamaican/Creole/Spanish. I took a good jungle trek through one of the local parks even having to cross waist high rivers. I didn´t see many animals, but I was more intent on getting all the way through the park to spend much time looking up.

On the bus ride to Cahuita I sat next to a couple of American girls just fresh out of high school. They were still looking pretty clean and fresh so I knew they hadn´t been on the road long. You wouldn´t think it, but I learned something great from them. Portable bean burritos. Here, they sell refried beans in a disposable pouch. Combine that with a pack of tortillas and you got packable easily made bean burritos. No need to heat them up or anything fancy. Just squeeze a turd full on a flour tortilla and your set although I like to put some slices of avocado (another thing that I had missed) and some cream cheese. That turned out to be my best cost saving thing on this portion of the trip. In areas like Cahuita where there are only tourist oriented restaurants serving American priced food, the porta burritos turned out to be a great cost saver as well as being my favorite food so far.

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