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Hello Mom…

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

and others affected by my lack of posting.

I am fine. Haven’t even been able to catch diarrhea.

Been scootering my ass off and my computers broke.

I have one last mission, crossing into Burma/Myanmar, (not so cool and adventurous as it sounds as three of the borders so far have been open to foreigners but I have a new Thai Visa and don’t want to use it and only get a two weeker when I cross back in.) This last border supposedly offers a visitor permit whereby the Thai side holds your passport and doesn’t stamp.

So I should be back in Bangkok in a short time then hopefully getting the laptop fixed or buying a new one then some quality time spent in an internet cafe where I will give the full list of why I got so behind on the blog (remember though, don’t expect too much as not even a little runny bowel movement, Thailand is not a place to go for interesting stories.)

Scooterin Steve

Oh and if you have any comments you want responded to throw them out now as I wil be doing a responses to comments blurb up as well. I am really sorry to the first time commenters, I have to release them manually the first time you post, and have been non-blogging for a while. Oh if your just going to write about my need of viagra, larger penis, larger breasts, or car insurance, I do delete those, but not the ones where some African Bank has a few million dollars on hold needing someone with a bank account and Id to get it.