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I’m on strike.

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

So I’m doing my third loop of Laos heading around and over the Bolaven Plateau. As I am leaving Pakse (my base) the old bowel movement kicks in and I have to find a place to fertilize the land. I am in a pretty rural area so figure that I will take a trail off into the jungle like thickets and do the deed in privacy. Off the trail is a nice shady tree so I pull over and am squatting down to leave my mark when I look over and lo and behold there sits a nice looking electronic device. It looked to be like a digital pocket organizer. Immediately I calculate the chances of a tourist driving a Russian Minsk pulling over from the main road onto a little trail, parking under this exact tree, squatting in this exact spot and looking over at just the right angle to spot this little electronic gadget (I guesstimated at least 40-1). Thinking that it was a gift from the gods as a way for them to apologize for being so brutal and unfair especially since I should be blessed as I am traveling under a platinum Kharma status, I take a quick peek to see that it works and lo and behold the little screen popped up so I smiled and tucked it into my backpack figuring I would wait until I was somewhere more relaxed where I could play with my new toy. The rest of the drive my mind wandered at what options this little gadget could execute. Calculater, has to have. Organizer, looks like it. Games, oh the heavens would be a happy place again, maybe it had movies on it. Satellite wifi built in with web browser and mp4 capabilities. Sure why not they make them. Digital camera….Yea baby this is the answer. Who needs all that other crap when you have all the features but in one little pocket organizer. I was going to move up from lo tech to super high tech dude in one little gadget.

I got settled into my little hut, had a nice shower and swim at the waterfalls, a good thai dinner and was all ready to turn in. I felt it was a perfect time to unwrap my little gift from the gods which would in turn put my life back in traveling order.

I slowly flipped up the lid and hit the power button. A calculator. The god’s gave me a stupid calculator. No games, no organizer, no wifi, no movies, no mp3’s-4’s-5’s, no color, no high definition, no camera, nothing. 2+2=4. Great. Thanks. In my life my math skills pretty much max out at the sixth grade level. In my business life maybe 8th grade. You know the last time that I wished that I had a calculator while I have been traveling, June 14th 2006. And that was because I forgot those words you could write on a calculator when you held it upside down.

The god’s are laughing (notice lowercase g, I am that pissed). They think that I am some little game they can screw around with but to hell with that. I’ll show them. So after this I am going on blog strike. No more techie stuff for this kid until my original stuff is fixed. Should be around a week as I am 80-20 on heading across the border now to Thailand rather than south to Cambodia and Phnom Penh. So this will be my last post until my stuff is fixed. I will however be using my tv and airconditioning as I categorize them more as a life necessity than a need.

So, updates will be coming back later once my life is back on line again.


Searching for the perfect nap.

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

All my tech stuff is broken and the gods are mocking me so I am on strike. I will update this when my stuff is working again. For now a bookmark only.