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Bijapur- Holi holiday

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008


100_5638.JPG 100_5639.JPG
Holi Holiday is a festival for the coming of Spring and the hope for a good harvest. I am sure some god is involved in it as well, but I didn’t go too deep in this one. Basically, from a tourists perspective, it is a big free for all with water fights and the throwing of colored powders. Music, parades, dancing, etc. all your usual party encoutrements. Two days after and I am still a light shade of Fuchia.

100_5643.JPG 100_5648.JPG 100_5651.JPG 100_5652.JPG
This was the second largest unsopprted dome roof in the world second only to St. Peters/St Pauls Cathedral(?) A pretty daunting structure. The acoustics are so good that you can stand at one pillar on one side, whisper and you can hear it clearly on the other side. Also, a single clap echoes ten times. At the top is a walkway that encircles the dome (on the inside). I was amazed in that I actually got the Willies (nervous). That hasn’t happened in a long time. I actually turned into a bit of a little girl. Amazing.

Badami, Karnataka, India

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008


My next stop after force feeding as much pasta as I could was the village of Badami. Badami is known mainly for its intricate cave carvings, a few forts built into the canyon walls, and a large water tank and ghats. For me, it was the number two worst room that I stayed in.

Animals don’t have feelings, come on. How much more family oriented can you get.

Caves, forts, village, water tank
All the stuff I mentioned earlier, minus the crap room (coming later.)

Fishing guy
Fishing in the crystal clear water tank.

100_5618.JPG 100_5619.JPG
A few more of the temple gods engraved into the stone walls of four different caves.

Monkey business
Dennis “the monkey” Menace

Room with a view and critters
What makes this the number two crap room that I have stayed. In one picture, you got the bed bugs, just outside the window bars was a used condom, and in the background was the pig stye with pigs that left a very beautiful spring time smell.

Bed bugs
This room had a major infestation of bed bugs and a few mosquitoes for variety. When I say a major infestation, I mean this was my first nights kill minus the hundreds of babies that I crushed on the walls and burned on the sheets. I have stayed in places before where I have seen a few, but not a major infestation like this. At the joining of the wall to the ceiling was thousands of little droppings where they pooped. After the first night I finally realized where they were coming from and could see them sticking their heads out of the cracks waiting for me to go to sleep. The worst part were the babies as they were about a quarter of the size of a flea and a white/clear color. They would latch on and suck on my blood without leaving a mark or itch (good part). I would be able to see them after they had fed because they would turn bright red. All you had to do was run your finger over them and you created a blood smear about the size of your pinky nail. The adults only got me twice as I stayed awake most all of the night taking fifteen minute naps and then killing the little bastards as they came down for me. There were quite a few living in the bed itself so they were a little harder to catch.

Bed bug smears
This is one of the tell tale signs of bed bugs. You’ll see a bunch of what looks like smears from someone wiping their ass and then wiping their fingers clean on the wall. The problem is that many times that is exactly what it is. Well, after the fifth bed bug kill, I realized that others had killed them with the smear method. Personally I use a lighter. I like to savor the kill as well as to keep them for trophies so I would catch them, hold them by their backside and give them a quick torching (medium-rare.) If you have ever seen fly droppings, it is the same thing. There were the droppings up where the roof and wall met as well as all the wall cracks.

My two night total minus the babies. Not to worry though, bed bugs don’t carry diseases so they are just a pest. You get really itchy though, even more so than with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes I only got five.

12% = the number of people who have changed their mind on the whole traveling thing.

Holy Hampi

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Photos: Shivaratri Festival Gokarna, India

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Beach hopping on my bicycle.

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Bicycling across India… Schwinn II

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